Nika Prokopjeva (Marula) is originally from Estonia (Tallinn), singer songwriter and musician. She started her music career 8 years ago. Nika plays guitar and write songs by herself.

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Was born Republic of Moldova, Chisinau July 13th 1985. He graduated with the degree in International Law.


The passion from music was born from his childhood. At a young age his family decided to enroll him into a musical school and the perfect instrument was the piano.


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Anastasia Dnestreanscaia

Maxim Zavidia is one of the most stylish and talented singers in the Republic of Moldova. He started his singing career in 2011 by joining a musical project called “Aftershow”. In 2012 Maxim Zavidia and Samir Loghin created a duet.

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In 2014 Michael and Valentine decided to join forces together to create an amazing duo Hyptonix. Their first production “How You Say” was released in 2015 along with, a well known musician and producer in Europe, Manuel Riva.

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Sasha Letty – Moldavian pop singer, in the past the participant of the GlamGirl duet formed by the producer Sergey Orlov within the StarMaker project. Within the duet Sasha participated the national finals of selection on Eurovision 2013, 2014, 2015 of year, has entered with the song "Celebrate" a 20 of most the rotate on radio songs of Moldova

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