Was born Republic of Moldova, Chisinau July 13th 1985. He graduated with the degree in International Law.


The passion from music was born from his childhood. At a young age his family decided to enroll him into a musical school and the perfect instrument was the piano.


The choice was all personal and nobody suggested otherwise. It was the thing he loves to do and through time, patience and work – he decided to follow the path of a musician – perfecting himself day by day.

Broono states that music is the only key into expressing the deepest feeling that are dormant in a person, heal the soul of a person and it’s one of the few ways to connect universally.

Broono gets his inspiration from different artists from different genres: from HIPHOP to RNB, from ROCK and POP to ORCHESTRA and SYMPHONY and JAZZ.


He states that the inspiration is different day by day! Sometimes you’re sad or happy, sometimes you are in love or you are lonely. The story can come from your own living situations or you can see it everywhere in the world from people that surround you. That’s when creation is born. And in moments like these music is already in your mind, heart and soul.

Broono works in such genres like Hiphop, R’N’B, Orchestral and Accoustic R’N’B, Club House and many are yet to come.

Broono participated in Star’s Factory 2 show and reached second place. After this project he started to conquer the world.

In less than a year Sasha Lopez feat. Broono with the single "All My People" scored 200,000,000 viewers on YouTube and soon became a 2011 year hit. It was the most broadcasted song on radio stations in more than 20 countries. In 2011, Broono and the group “Sasha Lopez” were nominated in the category "Best Artist of the Year” and “The most broadcasted artists” in Bulgaria, Ecuador, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, Spain and Slovenia. In 2012 the hit «All my people» became Nr.1 in iTunes Dance Charts in Japan. Then followed the single "Weekend" which became one of the most broadcasted in Spain and Latin America. Years 2012 – 2013 were the most productive: more than 300 concerts around the world. Later followed the release of the new song "Everybody Feels Alright" and “KouKou Move”. 


After a period of absence – which the world didn’t have no notice about Broono– news broke out that he is involved in solo album and singles creation plus working on a new project (composer of the soundtrack) – a movie, which is a New York - Albanian production (The brave ones). 


These days new track with Sunstroke Project is on the way – something new and bombing, as usual.


Anastasia Dnestreanscaia