SunStroke Project – symbiosis of violin, saxophone and dance music.  The team was created in 2008, but it works in the final composition from November 2009. In 2010 SunStroke Project in collaboration with Olia Tira, represented Moldova on Eurovision 2010 Song Contest. They entered the finals and took 22nd place. After Eurovision Song Contest 2010 saxophonist Serghey Stepanov, due to his extravagant appearance and eccentric movements on the stage, became popular in Internet as Epic Sax Guy, at the same time becoming the world’s meme. On YouTube a 10 hours video of the saxophonist playing his solo got 2700000 views. In July 2012 SunStroke Project and Boris Coval were awarded 13 gold and 4 silver medals on international contest “World Star” in Hollywood. January 2013 became significant on Russian market for the band. The song “Walking In The Rain” won first place in Superchart Radio Record. Thus gained popularity and in CIS countries. Also in 2013 songs “Walking In The Rain” and “Epic Sax” won first places in Radio Record and DFM charts. In addition, SunStroke’s compositions not ones were used as jingles in КВН «Parapaparam» team performances. 5 years after their first participation in Eurovision, in 2015 SunStroke Project again tried their hand at the national qualifying round Eurovision 2015 with the song “Day After Day”, but eventually took place in the top three finalists, loosing a place in final. In august 2015 SunStroke Project opened their own music label Ragoza Music and released the song “Not Giving It Up”. Today SunStroke Project finished recording their second album and released the first song in Russian – “Maria Huana”. SunStroke Project are successfully touring the CIS and Europe countries, still occupying leading positions in the best radio stations charts. In May, 2017 Sunstroke Project represented Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiyv with the song "Hey Mamma" and took 3rd place.