In 2014 Michael and Valentine decided to join forces together to create an amazing Moldavian duo Hyptonix. Their first production “How You Say” was released in 2015 along with, a well-known musician and producer in Europe, Manuel Riva.
Following the success of ‘“How You Say”, Hyptonix started 2017 year with a series of powerful releases: “West Africa”, ‘Saturday Night, Man’ in collaboration with Manuel Riva and ‘Brazil’. Also, they played biggest festivals in Romania – Untold, Neversea.

This Time Hyptonix made really well on remixing brand new track "My Love Is Like' by famous Russian band Therr Maitz. It has really catchy, moody and textured sounding with definitely outstanding vocals. This remix is an absorbing mix of vintage synths, deep house feeling, and catchy vocal line. 'My Love Is Like'Remix is unpredictable and it is not a track that gets better with repeated play – it is hypnotic from the very first time you listen to it, but despite this with each subsequent listen you can discover new grooves.

Anastasia Dnestreanscaia