Track "Arrivederci" - new penetrating work of Natalia Gordienko.


This song is weaved from different moods and feelings, it narrates about bright story of love which approaches to the end...

"Strong, courageous, self-assured the heroine of a song begins new life and takes the first step, leaving the man, at the same time continuing strongly to love him. This story will be close to every girl, as in life all had moments, when it was necessary to cross through herself and to leave, despite of the strongest feelings …" - Natalia Gordienko comments.

 The premiere of a track will be held of November, late fall, poetic grief, call for a new life! "Arrivederci" - the song about strong act of the loving person, which tears fetters of difficult relations!

Very soon! You will hear it the first!

Anastasia Dnestreanscaia